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Slipway opposite Hovercraft Museum
Seaplane Square
Marine Parade West
PO15 9NS


22nd August 2016


  • Arrival from 2.15pm
  • All vessels and vehicles should be in position by 2.40pm
  • Filming starts at 3pm prompt

Prior to Monday 22nd

  • Please submit your #22challenge team videos at so they can be shared in order to raise publicity for the event as well as #22challenge and #itsoktotalk.
  • There will be videos coming in from as far afield as Curacao, Nepal, USA, Australia and the Falklands.
  • Be creative as only the best videos will go on the website!
  • Go to to check out the competition!

What’s going to happen on the day?

  • Emergency vehicles and vessels need to be assembled by 2.30pm at the latest
  • Emergency vehicles and vessels need to be in position by 2.40pm at the latest
  • Please position yourself on or next to your vehicle to do the press-ups
  • Anyone can take part in the press-ups
  • Supporters are welcome to come along and take part
  • There will be aircraft flying past so it will be noisy
  • Someone with a megaphone will tell you when to start the press-ups
  • Filming will be done by the various aircrew and key people on the ground
  • Filming will start at 3pm prompt
  • The event will take place no matter what the weather


  • PLEASE DO NOT post your own videos on social media. We are trying to get the official event video to go viral so we need to release a single video which can then be shared by everyone involved.
  • PLEASE send your videos of the Big22 to so they can be edited together into a single official event video
  • PLEASE send any team #22challenge videos that you’ve done prior to the event to in order to raise publicity ahead of the event


Parking – there’s a large car park at the location and plenty of additional space on the grass. There’s also another car park a short walk down the beach.
Toilets – there are toilets at the next car park further down the beach towards Lee.
Food & drink – there are shops on the main street one street back off the waterfront.

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