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#Big22 Event

#Big22 Raising awareness of mental health & PTSD in 999 Emergency Services, veterans & men under 45.#itsoktotalk #999family filming & editing by Sharp End Films & Ian Gray Promotional Filming and photography

Posted by Andy Elwood on Monday, 22 August 2016

Day 21 of #22challenge

Day21 of #22challenge Last day before #Big22 event Tomo. #itsoktotalk www.big22.orgPlease use the Text to Donate message as ur profile pic today & Tomo if u support #Big22 - this should increase awareness and get some donations. Your help & thumbs will be what makes this work & I can go back to 'just keeping the wire straight' as a 'Dope-on-a-Rope'Just did a BBC radio Solent interview & hoping BBC South today are jumping onboard later today for Tomo's viral video effort. Thanks for all ur support. It is getting out there just check google '#Big22'If u r lucky & I get a chance #gettingratherbusy I'll post aircraft footage too. Spread the word #itsgoodtotalk , listen if someone needs to share somethingTogether we r saving lives of our 999 colleaguesDON'T FORGET TO DONATE BY TEXT!! It's easy & will make things change.

Posted by Andy Elwood on Sunday, 21 August 2016

Day 20 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day20 #22challenge #itsoktotalk In case u r getting bored with the south coast & helicopters, we moved. Drum roll...... London premier for the MASSIVE 999 MEET-UP at #Big22 Aug22 big22.orgDESPITE multiple 999 calls at 5pm FRI in Central London, the amazing #999family still produced enough people to put on a show for the public & tourists in the area. Your rescue professionals, who respond to a 999 call u make in ur hour of need realise all too well that mental health & PTSD is an enormous issue in Emergency Services workers. Police, Ambulance, London Fire Brigade, RNLI all keep us safe 24/7 365 #alwaysoncall Fantastic people as they r, this does take a toll on 999 personnel. I am so INSPIRED that every 999 person I have met, shook their hand & done press-ups with on this journey has agreed something big needs to b done! Things need to change, we need to look after each other, educate ourselves a bit more re Mental Health & the positive benefits of having a brew & a chat #itsoktotalkWe need a STEP CHANGE in 999family to sort this. I believe TOGETHER we can do it. I am making it my mission to get PTSD999 on everyone's radar and get this moving. So - at very short notice the team has produced a TEXT to DONATE service to start with #Big22 & go forward. Make a difference TODAYtext PTSD to 70660 to donate £5 Enjoy the video! Horses, boats and Rosco, an 11 mth police pup in training today & the Iconic London landmark London Bridge!!

Posted by Andy Elwood on Saturday, 20 August 2016

Day 17 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day 17 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk#Big22 Aug 22nd 3pm at Lee-on-Solent #999family viral videoRaising awareness of mental health & PTSD in Emergency Services & veterans. Get involved, post a video, be part of #Big22Thank you for all your encouragement & positive messages of how the message #itsoktotalk is helping people on frontline 999 already. Your support has been inspirational. The #999family does amazing work for strangers & now it's time to look after ourselves.I do believe that together we can turn around the awful statistics by simply talking to our colleagues, friends or someone we trust. More info here website coming tomo where you can post your 999 or military team 22challenge videos if you can't make the main Big22 event.Enjoy the amazing Stanage Edge in the Peak District. ( Special thanks to )

Posted by Andy Elwood on Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Day 16 of ‪#‎22challenge

Day 16 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk Get some exercise, fresh air and don't suffer in silence or alone!#Big22 Aug 22nd 3pm Lee-on-Solent for viral video to raise awareness of mental health & PTSD in emergency services & veterans. If u value our 999family & our military veterans please please Share & get involved. BBC Radio Sheffield interview Wed 17th 7am to hear more!!If u need help now go

Posted by Andy Elwood on Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Day 15 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day 15 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk promoting #Big22 on 22nd Aug 3pm Today I flew to Belfast to do 22 press-ups with some old friends & make some new ones! I love the 999family & how we pull out the stops for each other as well as the people we respond to when they have an emergency. Despite 2 callouts for Blue Watch & a very busy period for NIAS, people still turned up. One on his day off. Thanks DM. We all agreed #itsoktotalk & we shared some stories. I have been amazed how many people have opened straight up to me and agreed it's something like this that we need to look after ourselves & each other. Thanks guys. Google Andy's Man Club which was started by Luke Ambler after his brother-in-law succumbed to suicide. Luke wants to halve male suicide thru this campaign. I hope our #999family does all we can to help achieve this. Please please share & like. Spread the word so no-one else has to suffer in silence or alone.

Posted by Andy Elwood on Monday, 15 August 2016

Day 14 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day 14 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk with @edalemountainrescue who stepped in for RAF Leeming MRT, who were diverted to a job #999family. Please share, like to spread word of #Big22 viral video attempt 22Aug 3pm

Posted by Andy Elwood on Saturday, 13 August 2016

Day 13 of ‪#‎22challenge

Day 13 of #22challenge #itsoktotalkRaising awareness of mental health & PTSD in Emergency Services & Veterans. Please like & share#999family together promoting #Big22 Aug 22nd 3pm at Lee-on-Solent viral video effort. Today with SCAS HART, MCA & others!

Posted by Andy Elwood on Friday, 12 August 2016

Day 12 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day 12 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk raising awareness of mental health & PTSD in Emergency Services & VeteransView of Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth & Isle of Wight ferry as I do my 22 today. Please please please SHARE to promote 'Big 22' for all Emergency services to attend a viral video attempt at Lee-on-Solent 3pm 22nd Aug. Featuring aircraft, vehicles, vessels & #999family who serve their community & country so well.

Posted by Andy Elwood on Friday, 12 August 2016

Day11 of ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day11 of #22challenge #itsoktotalk Raising awareness of mental health in Emergency Services, veterans & men under 45. Watch out for nnnnnn ninna 19 - it'll get ya!Promoting 'The Big 22' at 3pm Lee-on-Solent 22Aug All welcome, please come & bring ur mates. So far I have met some amazing people on this journey & everyone has a story to tell, as soon as someone is brave enough to tell theirs. Paul Riddell has done some fantastic work with Hampshire FRS & I direct u to their TRiM video. I am going to work to bring this thru as many emergency services as possible as I can see from the reception I got from everyone yesterday it is accepted & works when introduced correctly. #999family

Posted by Andy Elwood on Thursday, 11 August 2016

Day 10 ‪#‎22challenge‬

Day10 #22challenge #itsoktotalk Raising awareness of mental health & PTSD for emergency services & veteransIt's Cowes Week. Enjoy the water but b safe. Big 22 is 3pm at Lee-on-Solent 22Aug. Be there!

Posted by Andy Elwood on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Day 8 of 22 push-up challenge!

Day 8 of 22 push-up challenge!#itsoktotalk Raising awareness of PTSD & mental health for veterans, emergency services & men under 45. Please share to promote this great cause for our heroes.

Posted by Andy Elwood on Monday, 8 August 2016